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CFO Advisory & Financial Consulting

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SBS offers comprehensive financial consulting and CFO-level advisory services as part of long-term client engagements.  Our goal is to put our clients on a path toward improved processes and cleaner, more real-time financial data to shape decision making and overall strategy.   


What sets us apart?
At SBS, we take a relationship-driven approach (as opposed to a transactional-based one) and always act with the vested interest of an equity partner in your business.  We keep an eye on your day-to-day to better manage your big picture. 


Financial Consulting Services include:

  • Full management and routine maintenance of all in-house accounting/financial systems & processes

  • Regular preparation, audit, and analysis of financial reports and key performance indicators

  • Ongoing dialogue with ownership/management on financial data, comparison with benchmark data & budgets, and use in building organizational milestones

  • Financial modeling & forecasting for strategic planning

  • Full cash flow management services

  • Implementation of tech solutions for more automated and efficient workflows, and more reliable and engaging financial data

  • Financial management systems and process consultation


Who do we work with?

SBS works with a wide variety of clientele across industries, entity structure, and revenue size.  The following characteristics are typical of our CFO advisory clients:

  • Sustainable or increasing annual financial performance

  • Companies at a stable maturity stage in need of ongoing financial counsel

  • Clients with minimal in-house financial & back office support

  • Organizations led by open-minded Founders/Ownership with a growth & continuous improvement mentality

  • Companies in early-stage growth mode

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